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eeee | Mar 12, 2003 07:24 AM

A few months ago, I ate a takeout dinner from Currysource, a small takeout "Anglo-Indian" place on Bergen and Smith. I thought the food was prepared with care and was quite tasty, but found the prices too high for the portion, which was not enough to satisfy my hunger.

Yesterday, I was in the mood for Indian food and decided to return to Currysource to see what, if anything, had changed.

The place looked the same - a tiny, sparkling clean takeout place with a fridge full of curries and some English imported products on shelves. The curries had all been prepared on March 7, but I figured curry was like stew and would improve with age. The basmati rice had been cooked that day. I was disappointed to see that the cinnamon stick was gone from the rice. The portions appeared to be the same - 8 ounce portion of the curry, and a larger box of rice. The curries were all 8, except for the special guest curry, a lamb vindaloo, which was 9. I got the chicken tikka masala.

I took it home and heated up the food. I was not as ravenously hungry, so the portion was OK this time.

Ultimately, I think my verdict is the same. It's not quite worth it. The curries are tasty and well-prepared. However, the portion of the curry is so small that it doesn't even saturate the rice. I know there is a deal where you can also get naan and pakoras with the curry and rice for 13.50, but I can't imagine what you would do with the naan. There would be no sauce for it to mop up.

I think 2.50 is too high a price to pay for the side of rice as well.

I know the owner prides himself on only using top ingredients (ie, chunks of white chicken meat) but I would suggest a larger portion of curry that incorporated, say, potatoes and tomatoes. This would extend the amount of tasty curry and make for a more satisfying meal. In addition, the rice should be included.

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