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Retinning Bi-metal Copperware and Clad

kaleokahu | Mar 26, 2012 04:06 PM

Today I learned a few things from a professional retinner. Among the most surprising things in a dayful of surprises was that one can "re"tin the modern bimetal copper pans lined in SS, as well as clad. Heretofore, I was under the misimpression that once salt or acid pitting ate through the SS lining, the pan was a goner. This is apparently not the case, and tin can be applied to rescue the pan. IMO, this removes a reason not to invest in Falk, Bourgeat, Mauviel or the other bimetal pans.

I will find out if tin may also be applied to line aluminum. If *that* is the case, discoloration of sulfurous foods and leaching aluminum will cease to be a reason to avoid that metal.


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