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How do I resurrect an old abused CS wok?

dave_in_gva | Jan 20, 201205:45 AM

Confession time. About 20 years ago I read a great Thai cook book and followed up by getting a good sized Atlas carbon steel wok.

I did season it but can't recall the method now.

I recall trying to fall in love with it but my memory is I wasn't too keen on the sticky seasoned layer and there were distinct areas that I realize now may have been related to laquer.

Long story short, the wok got banished to the garage (my wife actually wanted to toss it). One day my coffee roaster broke down and so for a couple of weeks I roasted my green coffee beans in the wok that was conveniently in the garage (where I do my coffee roasting) using a hot air gun. For those interested, there is a whole method of coffee bean roasting that I believe is referred to as the dog bowl/heat gun method. I can tell you a dedicated coffee roaster and beans from Sweetmarias.com is waaaay better, but I digress.

So anyway, I have been reading this forum lately principally to help me buy some new cookware and I have stumbled across all these threads about the seasoning ins and outs of CS woks. I

I am ready to try to breathe life back into my disused, abused and abandoned Atlas CS wok. It's been a while since I have looked at it but I believe it is either completely rust free or perhaps just a tad. Apart from that is has a permasticky, yellow/brown sheen at the bottom, silver up most of the sides and it has these curious sort of ridges that may or may not be lacquer related (no idea if Atlas uses or used lacquer on their woks back in the mid-90's).

So what would you wok afficionados recommend I do with this long suffering wok? We have a vitroceramic cook top and the handle on the wok is wood so not sure this thing can go in the oven. Guessing at the size I'd say its about a 32 cm (12.5 in) diameter.

Also....connected is a question re Barmans Friend. I live in Europe. Does anyone know if that product or something similar is available over here? Can it be shipped by air and is it better to get the powder or liquid?

Tx and sorry for all the questions,


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