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Restaurant Week Report - Comme Ca

lv1964 | Sep 15, 2011 09:50 PM

As our second selection for Restaurant Week (RW), my wife and I selected Comme Ca prior to opening night of the Las Vegas Philharmonic at UNLV. Overall results: good.

Because of the concert, our reservation was early at 5:30.

Before ordering our meal we had a round of cocktails. My wife had a cucumber martini with vodka instead of gin. I ordered a house cocktail called “Penicillin”. According to Rebecca, our server, this cocktail had recently been named the best cocktail in Las Vegas. Not sure who named it that, but it was very good; blended scotch, honey, lemon and a Laphroig float.

The Restaurant Week menu included appetizer, entrée, and dessert.

Our appetizers were the steak tartare and the marrow/oxtail jam combo. My wife who didn’t remember having tartare in the past, thought this was delicious. I agree! Although a portion large enough to serve two, it was perfect. I had the marrow/oxtail combo. What can you say about marrow, smooth, soft, and tasty? The fleur de sel on the side significantly enhanced the flavor.
Entrees were Skate and Beef Bourguignon; both entrée portions were large. The Beef Bourguignon was classic braised beef cheek, fork tender. Actually it was quite tasty although slightly under seasoned. My skate was dry, even a squirt of lemon didn’t seem to refresh it. However, the haricot verts were well served.

For dessert my wife had Pot Du Crème chocolate and I had Calimansi Creme in a pastry. I am not a big chocolate dessert fan, but my wife is and finished her dessert (the best comment I can make). I am also not a big citrus fan but the Calimansi Crème was very good. Calimansi is a Filipino lemon/lime fruit and is quite tart. This dessert was very tart and I finished it all, enough said.

As all CHers know dining out is not just about the food, service is equally important. Here is where Comme Ca dropped the ball. Our server, Rebecca, seemed like she was near the end of her shift because Comme Ca serves lunch. She was also in the process of training a new server on his first day and seemed to be managing six to eight tables inside and outside on the observation deck. The restaurant did add additional servers to the floor about 6:30. Rebecca did a pretty good job of keeping up with us, but there were periods were she wasn’t easy to find. However, her bus staff did a good job of covering and kept the water full and the table clear. The kitchen had a lapse between the appetizer and entrée, but we easily got out to get to the concert on time.

On the negative side, two service things bothered me. First, I may be stretching here, but once we declared that we were RW customers, the restaurant management staff completely ignored us. The management staff spent a significant time servicing a number of tables around us. I recognize that high rollers or whales expect special attention, but never asking ‘How the meal was’ or ‘Is everything OK’ was surprising.

Second, as I stated our reservation was at 5:30. The outside dining area is separated from the inside tables by a glass partition. The outside table are high top tables while the inside tables are standard height. Shortly after we were seated indoors, a couple was seated at the outside table immediately on the other side of the glass partition. During my entire meal, I had a lady looking down and watching me eat. At 5:30, the restaurant is not full, neither inside nor out. There was another outside table over slightly where they would not be looking down on my meal. Or maybe the inside and outside tables could be offset to completely avoid this situation.

So final comment: I have been to Jaleo and Comme Ca at the Cosmo. There are too many other restaurants here before returning to Comme Ca!

Comme Ca
3708 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

3708 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

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