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Restaurant Reservation Alias


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Restaurant Reservation Alias

Shoeman | Oct 7, 2002 10:48 AM

"I have a reservation for two under Mr. Glass." Or at least, that is how my wife and I are known in the last 500 places we have secured reservations. I orginally thought it was a funny play on "pheasant under glass."
Anyway, we started using the alias just in case we somehow forgot to cancel a reservation or forces beyond our control prevented us from completing our promise. You see we suffer from nightmares of chef-knife wielding owners stalking our home in retribution for leaving table 9 empty but not for a small sign in the middle saying "RESERVED".
I'm also ashamed to admit that the phone number I leave is also most often, bogus. At best, I may leave a cell number, but only if I can be 100% sure we'll make it.
Does anyone else have such fears? Has anyone ever been contacted by a restaurant after missing a reservation?
Please confess!

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