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New restaurant - closed for private party?

rockandroller1 | Feb 20, 201207:45 AM

Hound opinions, please.

New restaurant has opened where I live, after several months of excited/exciting blog and social media posts, many foodies and non-foodies have been very excited about this restaurant opening, as the owners are known a bit in the local food world. The place has only been open about 2 weeks now.

I called them this weekend to make dinner reservations for an evening next weekend. They took the reservation, then called me back a few minutes later to tell me they are closed that whole night for a private party. We are meeting 2 other couples for dinner this night and I had already messaged both couples that our reservation was confirmed, then had to message them back that we were going to our 2nd choice restaurant instead.

It just kind of sat wrong with me. I mean, not open a month and you're already closing on a Friday night, a key night for business, for a private party? This is after I had to call them 5 times because the fax machine kept picking up and disconnecting me when it heard I wasn't a fax, so perhaps I was already more annoyed than I would have been had they answered straight away.

We can only very rarely go out to dinner, so it was a big disappointment because it will be several months now before we can visit this place, and you know how when a place is new, it's exciting to try to go there fairly soon after they open. I would think they would want to allow at least a couple of months to build up business before doing a buyout evening like that, and especially on a Friday.

What say you chowhounders? I'm overreacting because of our inability to go out more often? Or it's too soon for them to be closing on a key night like this.

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