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What new restaurant would you like to see?


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What new restaurant would you like to see?

katrinkala | Mar 25, 2011 02:41 PM

This isn't the typical CH post, but I thought it would be a good place to ask.. hope it doesn't get modded out or anything (sorry if I'm in the wrong!)

My boyfriend and I are opening a restaurant. Not a whim, restaurant experience, know what we're getting into, etc. We had a great concept and thing lined up in Boston, where we lived, but things were fishy with the landlord and fell through.

I grew up in the east valley from 13 til I went east for college, and for family reasons, since the Boston plan fell through, we're seriously considering coming to the Valley (he's an east-coaster, but wants warmer weather. And he loves me, I am so lucky. Anyway..)

I have no idea, though.. what kind of concept is wanted or needed in Phoenix! I did all my falling in love with food and farmers markets and dining out and cooking and obsessively reading CH posts out east, and wasn't home much to see what was happening in AZ.

Our concept was for a little cafe, full espresso, great drip, really good inventive soups and sandwiches, salads and lighter stuff, a beer and wine license if we could get it (hard in Bos!) and maybe some really good ice cream in the summer. Is this what you guys need or want? Does it bore you?

So, I guess, a better question would be, if your friend Katie could open your dream restaurant (as a patron).. where would it be, what would be the draw, what would it serve, and when would you go? Who else would go? Would you want to have your CH Chowdown there? (do they do those in PHX too?)

(Also, if you can get away with it, and make it food-related.. where can we live that's a great fun neighborly but busy area that the restaurant should be in.. so we can work near where we live?)

(Also also, if you know someone with a restaurant that does well that they want to sell to me, that would work too!)

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