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how should I respond to microwaved restaurant food?

TheFoodEater | Nov 1, 201109:13 PM

I went to a thai restaurant. We're seated immediately, quite a few take out customers. OK so far...very nice ambiance and friendly staff...the only red flag is that there is an open kitchen, and two microwaves in full view. I order thai style BBQ'd half chicken. I watch them put something odd shaped in a bag into said microwave, and my entry was served a couple minutes after said microwave is emptied.

So I know my high priced BBQ'd chicken was microwaved. As soon as I was served, i could tell. some parts were way hot and some parts were just kinda hot. The yellow curry sauce was over reduced, like it had sat overnight, the skin was rubbery and the meat had that twice cooked texture. It tasted alright and since I was with my mother and tired, I did not complain.

I feel we shouldn't of paid for it. We were promised BBQ chicken and served microwaved chicken. I am quite sure this chicken was made yesterday, did not sell and reheated for service tonight. Do I have the right to refuse to pay for something like that? Should I complain now? No use to complain because any restaurant with 2 microwaves in full view of the dining room obviously doesn't care, right?

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