Renaissance Cafe / Restaurants that add the tip to the bill

Zev Sero | Jan 7, 200412:33 AM     15

I had dinner at Renaissance Cafe tonight. The food was delicious, but the service was pretty bad. Not so bad that I wouldn't have tipped at all, but in normal circumstances I'd have left $1 or $1.50, no more. I mean, they did bring my food to me, I did get everything that I ordered, and my bill was calculated correctly, so they deserve something. But that's about all the service I got - about the level that I would expect from a cheap diner - and I don't see why I should pay 15% of a not-cheap meal for that. But Renaissance adds 15% to the bill for service; they call it a 'Gratuity tax', and that's exactly what it is - a tax, something you have to pay, whether the service was worth it or not. I knew this going in, because it is on the menu, so I had no grounds for complaint on that score, but I'm taking the opportunity to whinge about it here.

Has anyone else had a similar experience at Renaissance? Is the service always bad, or was I just unlucky?

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