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Reliable electric range

hobbess | Apr 11, 201212:44 AM

What's a solid, reliable electric range which won't break down as soon as the warranty expires or need constant service calls?

I have a rental and I'm trying to update the kitchen, including getting a stainless steel electrical range to replace the current electrical range. ( I wanted a gas range, but it was too expensive to set that up when the kitchen is hooked up for an electric range.)

The three most important factors I'm looking for in a electric range is reliability, style, and the price.

Ideally, I wouldn't want to pay too much for a new range because I know I wouldn't recapture that in higher rent. So, something like induction is not an option because its too expensive and it might scare off applicants when they found out that some of their pots or pans might not work on it. But, I'm also willing to pay more if it will get a better, more solid range. The problem is that it seems that higher price doesn't necessarily buy you a better, more solid range.

Style is also important, and why I'm getting a new electric range even though the current one still works even though its over 20+ years old. (The current range is white so it doesn't match the other stainless steel appliances in the kitchen and its got those electrical coils which you only see on budget ranges.) This is for a nicer rental which I might get granite counter tops next year, so I'm also looking for a expensive looking range. Otherwise, I'd be tempted to just stick with a range with the electrical coils since they seem like they're going to more durable than a electrical range with a smooth top.

But, most importantly, I just want a solid electrical range which won't break down all the time if such a appliance exists these days in our disposable culture. It costs so much to fix it when it breaks down that I think a lot of people choose to buy another disposable appliance rather than fix it.

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