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Release Notes for 9/12/13 - Part 1 - Discussions and User Ratings on Product Reviews


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Release Notes for 9/12/13 - Part 1 - Discussions and User Ratings on Product Reviews

Dave MP | Sep 12, 2013 03:45 PM

Hi everyone,

Several changes went out in today's release, and I'm breaking up the release notes into two discussions. You can find the other discussion here: This discussion deals with changes to Product Reviews and the Cookware Board.

1) All Product Reviews now have a discussion built into the page. For example:

2) If you participate in one of these discussions, you'll then see it listed in your profile, like you would with any other discussion.

3) In a top-level post in these discussions, you have the option to include a rating for the product being discussed. These ratings will be taken into account for the "Average User Rating" displayed at the top of each product review. Leaving a star-rating is optional.

4) Lower-level replies do not include the ability to leave a star rating. You can reply to any post, just like you could in any other discussion.

5) All Product Reviews can be accessed from the Product Review section of the site *or* from the Cookware Board. On the Cookware Board, Product Reviews will be marked with a special symbol which indicates that it's a product review. When the built-in discussion gets updated, that update will be reflected on the board, just like it would for any other discussion.

6) Since launching Product Reviews, we've been creating an individual discussion on each product on the Cookware Board. Those already-existing discussions have been merged in with the product reviews, and should now be marked accordingly. As we continue to publish new Product Reviews, a discussion will automatically be built in, and will thus appear on the Cookware Board automatically.

If you have any questions or notice any bugs, please feel free to ask here.


Dave MP

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