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Recommend me a high quality wok ladle (hoak) please, or tell me why I don't need one.

charbelcher | Apr 22, 201403:30 AM

Over the past six months, I've been learning to cook Chinese on two cheap 14" carbon steel woks, one round and one flat, using a chuan.

The round was too heavy to toss in due to its crappy wooden handles, so I upgraded to a much lighter 'pao' wok with a flat bottom. But I only made the switch from round to flat so that I could use the stovetop in addition to the butane burner that I do all of my serious cooking on. Unfortunately, the flat bottom wok isn't flat enough to use on the range for anything at all.

Having tried both, I prefer the round shape, so I'm onto a third one.

Today I ordered a 12" hand hammered Yamada. AFAIK, it's a traditional Peking pan shape. This will be the first wok I've owned that's appropriate for the hoak style of cooking.

Problem is, I can't seem to find a really good hoak short enough for a 12" wok. The best I've seen is probably the Eastman Outdoors 37222 Spoon, but I can't find many reviews or specs on it. One reviewer complained that the handle is 14" - rightfully saying that it's much too short for the 18 and 22 inch woks they bundle it with, but it looks like quality.

What else is out there?

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