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reasons not to eat at a chain


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reasons not to eat at a chain

mark | Aug 16, 2005 02:18 PM

as anyone who reads these boards knows, chains are pretty much anathema to posters here. whenever someone posts about a chain, there is often a knee-jerk, "that-place-is-awful" reaction. i'm curious as to why.

i should note here that all my chain opinions are dated as i haven't been to one in years, but some chains actually had some decent food. for instance: outback's ribs weren't too bad; chili's buffalo chicken salad was good, and they made good fajita nachos; hooter's wings were decent (and some of the best burgers i've ever had came from the north myrtle beach location); chi chis, many years ago, served a very good chili con carne. on the other hand, applebee's was across the board horrible. have all chains gone the way of applebee's?

my reason's for not eating at chains are more political than anything else. western north carolina (where i live) has been pretty devastated by the loss of the manufacturing base in this country. therefore, i prefer to put my money in the pockets of the local restraunteurs as they're more likely to help our local economy. also, i don't like the political leanings of many of the chain's parent companies. i find it's much easier to discern the politics of a local i can talk to, rather than those of a large chain that buries it's (or it's owner's) political leanings for pr reasons. furthermore, i find that local owners are more sensitive to the communities in which they operate.

so, let the fur fly. why don't you eat at chains? which chains actually serve decent food? does anyone know of any chains that would appeal to a food-loving, agnostic, isolationist, anarchy-leaning libertarian?

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