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Raw milk and lima beans


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Raw milk and lima beans

Mrs. Smith | Oct 15, 2004 08:39 PM

No, not together!

Although, that could be an idea.

Two foods I hadn't had in a long time. Since I've been pregnant and breastfeeding, I was told not to eat raw milk products. Now the chowpup is over 6 months, and, though still nursing, I've been given the go-ahead from my pediatrician (who is also a raw-milk devotee). So I picked up a quart looking forward to an evening treat.

I like milk a lot, and drink 2-3 glasses daily. I had forgotten, since it's been over a year, the sweetness and comparative "lightness" of raw milk. I doens't need homogenization when it's raw, the cream stays emulsified pretty well. This milk doesn't feel heavy, but has a light almost foamy taste. And the flavor is so fresh.

Raw milk, at least in this state (California) is very carefully checked, and, if fresh, is perfectly safe (for adults, not kids, elderly, immune-compromised, pregnant moms, etc). And what a treat. Also, many lactose-intolerant people (I have a couple of friends) can drink a cup or two of raw milk per day with no ill effects. The enzymes are still present in the milk which help the intestine break down the lactose. These enzymes are destroyed by pasterization.

This raw milk treat reminded me, however, of how much I like my Straus non-homogenized, only briefly pasteurized organic milk. It's what I've drunk while pregnant and during the first few months of my baby's life, and it is miles and miles better than the homogenized milk in the grocery store. It wasn't that much different tasting than the raw milk.

Raw milk is still my favorite, however.

Also, my neighbor invited me in for dinner while my husband and baby were out visiting. He served up frozen (C&W) lima beans, with some chicken and potatoes. I had forgotten how yummy a lima can be -- even frozen. Fresh limas are hard to come by in October -- in fact, I rarely see fresh limas. The frozen limas were simply boiled in only a small amount of water (he showed me how the water was all reabsorbed by the time they were done). He put butter on his, but I tried them without. Their buttery flavor on their own needed no embelishment -- not even salt. They slipped nicely out of their skins in my mouth, with no mealiness.

I really hadn't had a lima for ages. It made me long for making a fresh June succotash. They work well as a frozen vegetable, actually, and I remembered the reports which say that many frozen veggies are better for you, if they are frozen just after they are picked. Well, these sure tasted like they were.


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