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Need Help with Ravioli! Sticking before Cooking


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Need Help with Ravioli! Sticking before Cooking

migitana | Jul 8, 2008 01:13 PM

I like to make my ravioli at least several hours before I cook it, so it is out of the way and ready to go quickly at meal preparation time. (Especially if I am going to have company for dinner, I don't want to be rolling out pasta and stuffing them while the company is here) So here's my problem: when I make the ravioli, and then lay them out in advance, by the time I get ready to cook them for dinner, many of them stick to whatever I have layed them on, and the thin noodles break before I even toss them in the simmering/boiling water. I have tried placing them on a baking sheet (not touching) that is lined with wax paper, and then also I've tried laying them on parchment paper -- I then have sprinkled the parchment/wax paper with flour... and also tried sprinkling them with semolina... I have tried leaving them to dry a bit (30 minutes) and then covered them with a towel or plastic wrap and then chilled them in the refrigerator until I am ready to cook them; and I have even tried making the noodle a little thicker (i.e. not rolled so thin). But as above, some of them alway stick and then break when I gently try and pry them off the coated paper. [Note I know they can be frozen and then dropped in the water still frozen... but if I've made fresh pasta that day, I'd like to boil them "fresh" if possible and not frozen.] So can you help me on this -- what can be done, or do I have to just wait to make them until just before I'm ready to serve them?

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