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Rasmalai advice please


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Rasmalai advice please

zora | Jul 7, 2002 01:38 PM

I have been talking Indian food with a colleague at work, whose parents are from South India. She told me about her favorite dessert, rasmalai, and gave me a recipe that her mother uses to make it. The idea of sweetened, baked ricotta cheese in a sweet, creamy sauce flavored with saffron, cardamom and rosewater absolutely sends my mind's palate soaring. Since I had never tasted rasmalai, when I saw it on the menu at an Indian restaurant last week, I ordered it. The only spice in the sauce was cardamom (which I adore), and I can imagine it being more wonderful with saffron and rosewater. But the texture of the cheese was grainy, and I didn't like that.

Could hounds with more experience comment--is that texture typical? The recipe calls for ricotta to be mixed with sugar, spread in a casserole and baked until lightly browned. Would it be more delicate, and smooth if it were mixed with egg and baked in a water bath like custard? Or is that too non-traditional?

I have some artisan-made whole goat-milk ricotta to make it with, and I'd like it to be sublime.

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