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Random Thought: Milk at Trader Joe's (LI)


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Random Thought: Milk at Trader Joe's (LI)

JBG | Apr 14, 2003 07:29 AM

I was out at TJ's last weekend and knew I needed milk, so I picked up a 1/2 gallon while I was there. It was a dairy brand that rang a bell, but not one that was terribly familiar (Garelick). All of them had expiration dates that were coming up quickly. More quickly than the norm for regular supermarkets. Today the milk is 5 days past it's expiration, and it's still fine. As I poured my milk this morning though, I realized where I knew the brand name from -- New England. It's not a brand that I've seen anywhere else in NYC or on Long Island.

I wonder.... does TJ's recieve all their product in MA where they are located out of in the east, and then ship it to their various stores? I can't see how not sourcing milk locally can be a more economical choice. This milk isn't organic, so that's not why it's coming from a New England dairy.

Just an early morning thought over tea.

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