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Random Funny Food Memories

mamachef | Mar 12, 2011 12:43 AM

I have no idea what made me think of this, but I thought it worth asking the rest of y'all about. I have a particularly funny food memory of a kick my mom the uncook went on whereby she'd save all leftovers and serve up a big heapin' helpin of 'em once a week. So, for the first week it's Darling Baby Sister's turn to do the clearing, and mom asked her to save the leftovers, which she obediently did. When mom hauled out containers, she found:
Veal gravy from veal stew
Beef gravy from beef stew
2 half-gnawed chicken legs that nobody's admitted to, to this day
Sauce from sweet/sour meatballs, with a few noodles floating
And finally, and I promise this is the truth:
A container holding 3 peas, 6 carrot cubes, and a Brussels sprout.
We went out for pizza that night, and from then on mom supervised the acceptable definition of just exactly what a "leftover" means. : )
Whatcha got? We all need some good laughs lately, don't we?

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