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Ramos Fizz Question

ellaystingray | Nov 22, 201103:39 PM

I made a bunch of Ramos Fizz's Saturday with some other people that feel somewhat knowledgable about drinks and we basically sucked at them. Anyone else had this problem?

I've been lucky enough to lunch at Galatoire's and drink a Ramoz Fizz that seemed terrific...maybe that was just a "time and place" thing. What we made tasted like poo. So I know this drink can be good. But what voodoo did they use?

We went by Wondrich's recipe to start and at best, when we really nailed it, it tasted like nothing. Literally. It felt like playing Keno and trying to get no numbers correct. There was no gin (or botanicals), no citrus, no hint of sweet...it was like drinking the most neutral thing imaginable. If it had one thing, the froth from the egg whites and heavy cream was present, but that just ended up making the whole thing a textural oddity lacking flavor. An improbable alchemy to be sure and it did sort of feel like a victory to make such a perfectly balanced cocktail as to lack all evidence of flavor, but who wants to drink that?

Since this is a nuanced question, I'll explain what we used. Or at least how we started.

Gin, 2 oz.: Tanqueray

Heavy Cream, 1 oz: Knudsen

Egg Whites, 1 egg white per cocktail

Lime and Lemon juice, freshly squeezed, about a half ounce each per cocktail

Superfine sugar, a couple teaspoons per cocktail

Orange Flower Water, 3-5 dashes: Fee's.

Shaken with ice for a good minute plus and then put in a collins glass

Topped with soda from a SodaStream.

After the first few, we started to get antsy and began going, not really off the grid, but in a lot of different directions. We did everything. More gin, less gin, no lime, more lemon, powdered suger, confectioners sugar, table sugar, no cream, some cream, less egg-whites...most ended up being worse.

We landed on a belief that the classic Gin Fizz is far superior to the Ramos Fizz. But that just seems so wrong at so many levels.

If anyone else can help light my path to a great Ramos Fizz that doesn't require a trip to N.O., please let me know. Otherwise, this might be one I have to leave to the experts in the Big Easy.

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