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Raising a Chow-Pup?


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Raising a Chow-Pup?

AZCat | Apr 21, 2003 04:48 PM

My Husband and I recently enjoying a celebratory Easter dinner at close friend's house, where we decided to share the news with the group that we are expecting a baby.

As I sat back and watched one of our dear friends (who, unfortunately for her, is not a chowhound) feed her darling 3-year old instant mac and cheese while the rest of us feasted on leg of lamb, roasted rosemary potatoes, and steamed artichokes, I pondered to myself - How does one go about raising a chow-pup?

How early do you start introducing them to more exotic, chowhoundish cuisine? Is a 3-year-old palate just far too finicky, and I just need to alter my expectations? Is the behavior learned or is a picky child always a picky child? How long do you keep trying to introduce new foods until you resort to the all-american stand-bys of hotdogs and mac and cheese?

My husband and I enjoy trying new restaurants and new cuisines, and while our pocket-books are going to be a bit leaner after the addition to our family arrives, we'd very much like to be able to take our child with us on some of our culinary adventures.

Any tips or hints for the mom-to-be?

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