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Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers -- Huh?


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Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers -- Huh?

MSPD | Nov 14, 2006 06:01 PM

Is it possible that this small chain has NEVER ONCE been mentioned on (Or is it the usual crappy performance of the site's search function?)

According to their website , they have 50+ locations, most of which are in the Louisiana market (based in Baton Rouge). I see that there's one being built at a busy intersection in Apple Valley, MN.

I checked out the web site and thought I was having some kind of computer error when I clicked on the menu. After seeing they serve chicken fingers (surprise, surprise), I was repeatedly clicking the "reload" button waiting for the rest of the menu to unfreeze. There was none. You can order chicken fingers. Or...chicken fingers. Oh the kids menu does have a good selection fingers. To be completely fair, they also serve crinkle cut (blech) fries, cole slaw and Texas toast. But for the most part, you order anywhere between 1 and 100 chicken fingers, fries, slaw and toast. Different marinades or flavors? Nope. Original or extra crispy? Uh uh. Spicy or mild or Italian seasoned or BBQ or curried chutney stuffed?? No. Variety of dipping sauces? Nope. One item. One recipe.

Their web site makes claims of marinating never-frozen chicken tenderloins, frying-to-order and the best dipping sauce ever known to man. All in an employement culture of fun, music and dancing (the employees that is). A google search produced a handful of business articles about the concept and a couple of ho-hum blog reviews claiming bland, yet positively tender chicken fingers.

But I just keep circling back to my original thought...a restaurant exclusively about CHICKEN FINGERS?!?! Frankly, I'm confused by this.

What's the deal Chowhounds?

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