Raised centers in cookware


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Raised centers in cookware

dennis7490 | Jun 24, 2014 03:52 PM

I am curious. I bought an All Clad frying pan last fall at Sur Le Table. there is a dimple in the center, which i understand is how they make them. but after using the pan for a while i finally got so pissed at cooking in the middle of a mote I put in the garage, where it is collecting dust.
Today I bought a sur Le Table 5 qt. Braiser on sale for $70. Brought it home and realized that the entire center is raised. Since it is unused i will return it.
But what is with all this raised center stuff? I want a FLAT surface at the bottom of my pan. I don't want to have to cook in the middle of a mote. Mauvel's pans are stainless lined and they are flat. All my other enameled cast iron braisers are flat. What's the deal?

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