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Ragu bolognese - question


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Ragu bolognese - question

Gooseberry | Jul 14, 2007 01:32 PM

Marcella Hazan's recipe for ragu bolognese calls for a cup of milk, added after you've sauteed off the meat, and then simmered until the milk has evaporated. This is then followed by the more usual cup of wine. So, why milk? I know liver is often simmered in milk to remove impurities and bitterness. Is it for similar reasons here?

Also, what secret (usually terribly inauthentic) ingredients do you add to your ragu?

Everyone seems to have some. Mine often include some of the following:
tomato paste, anchovy paste, worchester sauce, soy sauce, rehydrated, minced shitakes (and soaking liquid), smoked salt, chopped mushrooms, minced bockwurst, minced bacon.

Interested to hear what other hounds get up to...

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