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Questions re: black pearl cake and whipped ganache

nooodles | Dec 12, 200511:02 AM

Please assist! I need to master this cake for an office party this Friday, and have a few questions for those who've tackled this impressive treat.

-I have never frosted a layer cake and am afraid I will tear it with the thick ganache. If I frost a frozen cake, will the frosting get ruined when the cake defrosts?

-I don't like whipped cream frosting, so I plan to make extra ganache and whip some to frost the outside. I've never whipped ganache before. Other than waiting for the ganache to cool to a clay-like consistency, and not overbeating it until it's granular, do you have tips?

-IMPORTANT: what are people's favorite semisweet chocolates for whipped ganache? I don't want to spend too much, but Cadbury's, Lindt, or even Scharffenberger are within my budget. If there's a strong reason to spring for Valhrona or Callebaut I might just go for it. I'm looking mainly for consistency when converted into whipped ganache; my audience isn't discerning enough to judge me for using Cadbury's instead of Valhrona.

-favorite unsweetened cocoa powder? I usually use Hershey's and find it just great for simple cakes, but I bought Nestle on a lark. Used it once, cake was a disaster. Fluke? Or should I go buy some more Hershey's?

Any general tips for this recipe? I've read that people like to double the amount of wasabi, and I personally would make the ginger syrup stronger.

For the life of me I couldn't find past threads on this board about this cake, even though I know there have been several great ones. TIA!

Link: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/rec...

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