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Question for all who own a Silit Silargan frypan

skyline | Aug 31, 201108:20 AM

I just received my 11" Silit frypan and while washing it pre-use I noticed that on the bottom of the pan (which is enamel with a sort of mottled pattern and the Silit logo in a circle in the center) there is also this a sort of discoloration (?) of small dark wavy marks that form a circular shape about 3" diameter. This cannot be seen if you look directly (straight on) at the pan bottom but if you tilt it at any angle it is visible. The individual dark marks are not consistent in thickness or length, nor in spacing, and the circular shape they create is not centered, as the logo is, nor does it encircle the logo, but is somewhat off to one side. The marks do not come off with a fingernail although they look somewhat like a "burn ring" might. They are also not raised nor indented.

I assumed this was some sort of manufacturing defect in this pan (why else would it be there?) and emailed the retailer to ask for a replacement. I also sent a photo of the pan which I am attaching here. (sorry about the reflections but the pan bottom and interior are both really shiny, LOL)

The retailer responded to my email saying that "This is on all Silit frying pans! That is the way Silit frying pan bottoms are on all their frying pans! It's normal and the way it is supposed to be! They make it with those on the bottom of the pan."

I still am puzzled as to the reason for these marks. If they are indeed normal and supposed to be there, and won't affect either the performance of the pan or possibly mar the surface of my glass cooktop, then I don't care. But I am still wondering why the heck a $100+ frypan would be made with a bottom that doesn't look, well, perfect right out of the box. It makes no sense to me. So I would like to know if other Silit frypan owners have this same kind of circular discoloration anywhere on the bottom of their frypans. Many thanks!

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