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Question about nomenclature: is it "soup" or "noodles"?


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Question about nomenclature: is it "soup" or "noodles"?

ipsedixit | Mar 27, 2013 08:44 PM

A bowl of Chinese "niu ro mian" (or 牛肉麵) literally translates in English to "cow meat noodle".

Nowhere in the Chinese name is the word "soup" mentioned, yet the English translation is colloquially known as "Beef Noodle Soup".

How did this happen?

More importantly, do you consider Chinese 'niu ro mian' to be a "soup" dish (like chicken noodle soup) or a "noodle" dish (like spaghetti carbonara).

For me, it's the latter. It's noodles.

I have the same question for things like Phở and ramen. For me, both are noodle dishes (in the vein of spaghetti carbonara) and not soup.

But I believe most Americans (using that term loosely, and in no derogative way), consider all three ('niu ro mian', Phở and ramen) to be soup.

Curious as to your thoughts.

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