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Question About Next Iron Chef Challenges


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Question About Next Iron Chef Challenges

in_wonderment | Nov 20, 2007 10:29 AM

Having now watched the Next Iron Chef series, I had a question regarding the challenges. The challenges do not seem to fit the ultimate overcome of the show, which is a chef that uses 1 secret ingredient to make 5 dishes.

I understand that they were testing based on "qualities" they felt the Iron Chef should possess. But I found this problematic. Notably, when they cooked on a charcoal grill outside with no running water. I'm sorry, I don't know how this is similar to anything they would encounter as an Iron Chef. They would always be competing in a Kitchen Stadium - like environment.

This is similar to asking a 100m Runner at the Olympic Trials, to first compete in a Speed Skating qualifier.

Similar problems with the use of new food technology. When would that ever be necessary in Iron Chef? I can agree with weird ingredients, and forcing them to prepare food differently... but do they even have a rapid chiller in Kitchen Stadium?

Sorry if this is in any way repetitive. I went back a few pages in posts, and saw nothing on the subject. I was just curious what others thought, and an explanation on why I am completely wrong. :)

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