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Quality brands to cook by...


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Quality brands to cook by...

T.Davis | May 22, 2003 03:01 PM

I need to upgrade a few of my cooking items.

1. Vermouth... I seldem have white wine around. I know that some people like Julia Child (although she never mentions it by name) say stay away from a particular brand. So what brand do I buy... dry.. not dry..
sweet.. not sweet. I have been keeping mine in the frig also.

2. Sherry... I have been using xxxx. I really like cooking with sherry so I am willing to pay a few extra bucks for a good one. What do I buy.

3. Parm Cheese... I switched to reggo parm a couple of years ago... what a difference. I have been buying the cheese aged 1 year. What is the diff between that and aged 2 years and aged 3 years. Why would it be worth
the extra money.

4. Olive Oil... I have been buying cold pressed first pressed for a long time. However, I do not much look at the brand name. Should I.

5. Honey... I have been trying different brands but when it comes to adding honey to recipes I generally revert to the cheapest clover honey I can find. Is there really much difference in the various brands of clover honey.

6. Curry powder... I have replaced all my spices mostly with whole earth food spices. I bought two of their curry spices... Muchi and Sambhar. I don't particularly care for either one of them. The one I liked I bought
from w/s but they no longer sell spices at the store near me. What makes for a good curry powder. Is there really a diff in quality say between whole earth food spices and prenzy spices. Why one verses the other.

7. Ketchup... I normally just grab the lowest priced one. What should I be reaching for... Heinz or something.

8. Soy sauce... I have tried most of them and most are two salty even the low sodium ones. I just bought a bottle of of Kikkoman milder soy sauce at about 6 dollars a bottle. I haven't tried it yet. Do I just not like soy sauce or is there a good brand or type out there somewhere.

9. Paprika... What should I be looking for in a good quality paprika. Right now I am using my whole earth foods spice.

I know most of these items are not so very exotic but heck... I am a blue collar diner cook. What else can I say.

How about all the items I have not mentioned that you feel strongly about. What are they and why the fuss.

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