Purchasing a very special wine


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Purchasing a very special wine

cleopatra999 | Feb 21, 2010 03:05 PM

I have $250 CAD to spend on a special meaningful gift. I am not one for jewelry and would get a lot of enjoyment out of an expensive wine that I would never normally buy. I am not necessarily looking for something to lay down, but if I was it would be for no more than about 4 yrs (40th bday sounds like a good occasion!). I am located in Alberta, our selection is pretty darn good and we have some great wine shops. I am not opposed to Champagne, but would prefer a red. I love old world reds and have thought of a great Bordeaux or something like that. I have also discovered that I like cab savs if they are more expensive. I would consider splitting the $ it into 2 bottles, but no more than that.

if there is any other information you need let me know. looking forward to hearing some suggestions.

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