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Protein ideas

carriej22 | Oct 1, 2012 11:11 AM

Hi Folks,

I'm a bit stumped on protein ideas. It doesn't help that I live in a small city and other than chicken, beef and pork there isn't a whole lot of options for protein on the dinner plate.

Worst part is - I don't even have access to all the cuts of beef and pork so I am always changing recipes to make things work.

So I need some inventive things to do with what I have been given.. Mainly pork, as it is cheaper (safer as well considering all the beef recalls as of late - and I am immunocompromised - no thanks!) I always tend to either pan fry, cube and cook in a sauce over rice/pasta, slow cook, sometimes I make a stew...

I need to be introduced to new flavors! I am terrified of fish. I got food poisoning off salmon a few years ago and I just have a darn hard time eating it. Once you vomit something for three days you don't really ever want to see it again. However I live in Atlantic Canada, so fish is prominent... I'm wondering if there was something tasty enough if I could stomach it once again.

I can eat fried fish all day long.. deep fry anything and I'd probably eat it, Ha ha.

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