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Proportions for pesto!


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Proportions for pesto!

michael j n | Feb 20, 2011 11:24 PM

Hi there - I want to make pesto tomorrow.

A *lot* of pesto.

I have a pound bag of basil, a pound wedge of parmigiano reggiano, a pound wedge of pecorino romano, plenty of garlic, and plenty of EVOO.

Thing is - I can never decide just how much of each ingredient to use. I typically go about 2:1 parmigiano reggiano:pecorino romano. Normally about 4 garlic cloves/cup of cheese, I think about 3 cups of leaves/cup of cheese, and as much EVOO as it takes to get the consistency how I like it. I'm never sure how to measure the basil though - I mean I typically just pack them in pretty loosely - but measuring by mass might make a whole lot more sense.

But it's been a while so I may not be remembering it properly, so these proportions may be wrong.

My process normally looks like:

Wash basil
While drying, pluck stems from basil (this is necessary, isn't it?)
Once dry and plucked, measure and add in basil to food processor
Add in a bit of EVOO, and blend for a bit
Press garlic through garlic press and into food processor. Blend some more.
While blending, add enough EVOO to get to desired consistency
Finally, add in cheese. Blend just enough to get even mixture.

I know some people like the mortar and pestle method better - but with the volume that I'm planning on - that'd be a pain!

How do my proportions sound? How does my process look?

Since I'm making so much I'd like to get it right. After it's made I'm freezing it all in ice cube trays.

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