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Need pronunciation help on "cepes"!!


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Need pronunciation help on "cepes"!!

Fargo | Apr 16, 2002 09:48 AM

Help!! My dignity is at stake!! A radio DJ friend of mine was interviewing our local pompous windbag of a local gourmet store owner this morning, and he insisted on pronouncing them "seeps", as in "marshmallow peeps". Convinced he was wrong, and dying to publicly call attention to his error, I called in to correct him, as I believe the correct pronunciation is more akin to "seps". He stood his ground, but I still think I'm right. I believe it is actually spelled with the little hat shaped accent over the first "e", which in my thirteen years of schoolgirl French would mean it is pronounced my way.

Can someone confirm this for me? It will absolutely kill me if I have to concede defeat to this blowhard, but I will if I am proven to be in error...but I don't think I am....and he really is a pompous windbag!!


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