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Professional Gas Ranges -- Oven Sizes -- the Elephant in the room?


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Professional Gas Ranges -- Oven Sizes -- the Elephant in the room?

cherylsteve | Sep 28, 2010 10:59 AM

OK, is it me? Am I crazy? I'm about to build my dream home and I've got one opportunity to put in all my favorite appliances. I love to cook and bake and I always assumed I would get a beautiful 36" or larger gas range with oven (i.e. Wolf). My kitchen will be open to our new Great Room so I'm going to panel all the appliances except the range -- and that will be treated as a showpiece with a beautiful hood. All of my friends that have upscale kitchens have these types of "professional" ranges, whether they cook or not. So when I got out to the appliance stores last week, I was totally confused about the depth of the actual dual-fuel ovens: they're only about 15" deep!!! How the heck can you cook and/or bake at any kind of volume with that kind of depth. My standard GE Profile Gas Range 30" has a much bigger, deeper oven. What's up with that? How come I haven't heard anyone complain about it? The salespeople were of no help -- their eyes glazed over at the thought of actual functionality. Is it the elephant in the room??

I've started to consider getting a 36" gas range top with built-in pot drawers below and 2 stacked wall ovens. But here's my problem: I don't have a suitable wall spot due to the openess of the kitchen to the Great Room and due to the fact that I'm trying to hide my appliances behind panels.

Am I the only one that is noticing the big problem? Am I missing something? How the heck do you get multiple items in the oven with only 15" of depth (sure they're wider -- but for what -- a small little loaf pan?). PLEASE, please give me some feedback!!!

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