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Problem downloading large threads on an I-phone

jrvedivici | Oct 8, 201309:02 AM

Let's see if I can articulate my problem accurately. I've noticed when I try to check on a long thread like this one;


I click on the thread on my cell phone and it brings me into the thread, however my cell phone screen will "blink" a few times as I assume it's downloading all the content of that thread. It seems as if (this is my tech 101 theory) that when the screen "blinks" it's like refreshing itself with the new content it's downloading.

The problem is.....when it refreshes itself Chow treats it like I'm re-entering the thread, so it hides all the new posts in the thread by the time the entire thread downloads!?!?!?!?! Does that make sense?

It's frustrating because when it's a large thread I lose all the new or updated activity when checking it on my i-phone which I do often. I'm still on IOS 6 if that matters, I never upgraded my OS.

CHOW-Gods any suggestions or solutions?

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