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Prime Steak (at Costco?)


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Prime Steak (at Costco?)

Funwithfood | Jul 19, 2009 08:14 AM

I'm in the mood for steak, and just saw this article. Has anyone been able to find prime beef at Costo; how did you prepare it...more importantly, how did it taste?

Portion of Wall Street Journal Article...
For years, Brian Wong, a 25-year-old technology consultant in San Jose, Calif., longed to buy USDA prime beef. He had tried it at an expensive steakhouse, but whenever he looked in supermarkets or at Costco for the beef with the Department of Agriculture’s highest grading, he was told they didn’t carry it.

So when Mr. Wong saw a cut labeled USDA prime at Costco—selling for $9.99 a pound—he was so startled that he knocked on the window of the butcher department. “I asked them, ‘Is this a joke? Is it really prime?’ ” Mr. Wong says. The rib eyes he bought were the real thing: They were “more tender, more juicy” and more “delicious” than any other steaks he has cooked, Mr. Wong says.

(Due to the slowdown of sales in upscale steak restaurants, the article says prime meat has now become available at places it has never been in the past--at great prices!)

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