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Prima visits Maui, Kauai and Oahu

prima | May 24, 201906:16 PM     6

Thanks to all the current and past Chowhounds who helped me plan this trip.
I'll post some favourites. I had written a long post that went missing before I hit post, so I'll add information in pieces.

Star Noodle: Enjoyed the Lahaina Dry Soup, pork bao, malasadas which came with 3 sauces, including a miso caramel.

Mahi Mahi grill plate at Coconut's

Loco Moco at Nalu's South Shore Grill

Brunch at the Ka'Ana Kitchen Andaz : $33 crab and beef benny one day, $49 fancy brunch another day.

Maui Pie's chocolate and haupia pie.

Maui Bread's lilikoi sweet roll

Lineage at Wailea: an amazing small plates meal. Best chicken I had on the trip. Unbelievable cocktails.

Pork kalua sandwich at Sammy's Beach Bar or whatever Sammy Hagar's restaurant at the OGG airport is called. Best sandwich I've ever had at an airport.


Saimin at Hanmura. Not my thing, but glad I tried it
Kauai Bakery: sweet black bean manapua, and an ensaimada, both very good.

Tiki Iniki, lava flow and some sticky ribs, down-to-earth bartenders. This place is apparently owned by Todd Rundgren and his wife.

The Spot: coffee and an egg benny bowl with a local Kauai sausage. Iced Kauai Thai coffee, with coconut and condensed milk.
Spam Musubi from the Princeville Foodland.

Nanea : monchon (fish) daily special, which I'm glad I tried, but this restaurant is mostly good for the timeshare types staying at the Westin resort where the restaurant is located.

Bar at the St Regis: poke tacos, taro fritters and a $20 piña colada, which was the best piña colada on my trip.

The Dolphin: fancy Hanalei roll, the bastardized type of maki, which hit the spot, and the fish was exceptionally fresh. I would order off the cooked menu another time, but nothing was jumping out at me that night.
Stuffed Artichokes were kind of meh, just filled with breadcrumbs, butter and lemon. The fish market at the Dolphin was a neat little spot.

Hanalei Bread Company mochi loaf.
Hanalei Farmers' Market, where I bought macadamias for friends back home.

Alan Wong's short tasting menu, which was amazing. Too much food for me, had the dessert for breakfast the next day.
Haili's chicken long rice, which I loved

Eating House 1849 ok chopped salad, amazing fancy Halo Halo
Gorilla in the Café's Cafe Bonbom (espresso and sweetened condensed milk) and Gorilla Frappe (mocha and banana)

$3.75 musubi box at Musubi & Bento Iyasume, good value

Delicious lilikoi mochi donut at Modo Hawaii, on the 2nd floor of the International Center shopping center, inside the Japanese grocery store.

Bills for sweetcorn fritter with bacon and avocado for brunch (so so, overpriced at $22)

The food at the Polynesian Cultural Center Luau was not good.

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