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What's up with the price of Mayonnaise?


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What's up with the price of Mayonnaise?

JoeBabbitt | May 8, 2014 05:29 AM

I hate feeling like I got ripped off which happens almost every time I go in the grocery store. Today the local supermarket has Hellman's Mayonnaise 'on sale' for $3.99 per jar, reduced from $4.49. A 30 oz jar - not the old familiar 32 oz jar. This makes mayonnaise $15.96 per gallon, more than four times the price of gas locally ($3.39 per gallon). As far as I know, mayonnaise is just eggs & oil and some salt & spices; no exotic ingredients, nothing imported from the middle east, no insane labor intensive costs. So, is this just a company charging what it can? Anybody have a good recipe for a Hellman's knock off?

Ok - that's the end of today's rant.

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