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The Price of Lemons


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The Price of Lemons

chef chicklet | May 9, 2007 10:43 AM

Last night I obviously sent my husband to the wrong store to pick up a few lemons.

I have a beautiful lemon tree that has and does produce lovely fat lemons. So many I was giving them away, but the season is now over.

He brought me back A lemon. One, as in singular. I think there was a movie something along this same line. Anyway, I looked at the lemon, and I asked, "Oh where are the others?" He looked at me and said "Others?" "Well yes, at least two others."

Ok I am not a cheap skate, but what he answered almost made my head twist off.
Lemons are 99 cents each.......WHAAAAAT???? Ok I just can't wrap my brain around a 99 cent lemon living in an area of the country known for fantastic produce.

What happened? Are others experiencing this rise in price? Who would of known there is money to be made in lemons? My only thought is that it has to be from Chile to warrant that price.

Next December/January, guess who is learning how to make preserved lemons.

Gas, lemons, What next?

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