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Pressure cookers - Don't Buy Kuhn-Rikon (longish gripe)


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Pressure cookers - Don't Buy Kuhn-Rikon (longish gripe)

StriperGuy | Jun 18, 2003 04:08 PM

Saw the earlier thread about pressure cookers.

Just had to chime in.

Had a really bad experience with Kuhn-Rikon.

A friend bought me a Kuhn-Rikon pressure cooker for a fairly respectable amount of money. It was always very difficult to open and close, much more so then other pressure cookers I have used.

Finally it got jamned in this wierd half open half closed state and it would not budge. I tried to return it to Zabar's, (place of purchase) and they said we had to send it to the manufacturer.

When it came back from the manufacturer it looked like it had been whacked into shape with a hammer.

When I called the U.S. distributor I talked to the guy who actually owns the U.S. business and said that with the big $$ I paid for the thing I thought he would send a new one.

Because pressure cookers are inherently a bit dangerous I really did not feel comfortable using a pressure cooker that had been manhandled.

The guy basically told me I was an idiot, he was not going to give me a new pressure cooker, and that I could go jump in the lake (he used less gentle language) for all he cared.

I basically got the vibe that this happened all the time, and he just did not give a damn about his lousy product.

I short, DON"T BUY Kuhn Rikon they are over-priced and prone to jamning.

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