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Prepare ribeye steak like prime rib?


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Prepare ribeye steak like prime rib?

rp17 | Aug 12, 2017 11:23 AM

All the ribeyes at my grocery store today were enormous - about 2" thick and 1.7 pounds. For our usual 1.5" thick one pounders, if we're cooking inside vs grilling, we usually reverse sear. This steak is soooo thick though, I had the thought that maybe we could mimic a prime rib with it. I'm not sure how to do that though. Cook in the oven at a really low temperature, like 170? It would essentially be like our reverse sear, but with an even lower temp and without the sear at the end. Thoughts? For the record, we'd be going for med-rare and our typical reverse-sear method is a 225 degree oven until the temp hits 115-120, then searing quickly in a hot cast-iron. This time around though I'm looking for more the effect of a prime rib vs a steak though.

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