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What are YOUR predictions for 2012 food trends?


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What are YOUR predictions for 2012 food trends?

mattstolz | Jan 17, 2012 10:29 AM

So people are making their predictions everywhere. Seriouseats has their list, chow has some of their guesses, even my local paper is taking some guesses. But I want to know what the Hounds think! Here are some of mine:

Beets! I think theyre gonna have a boom this year. already seen them making appearances this season

Almonds. Especially marcona. theyre delicious, healthier, and make fantastic nut butter

Cinnamon Rolls. Theyre sweet, yeasty, gooey, and endlessly adaptable.

Scones. like cupcakes, can be made sweet or savory, and are fast, easy, and delicious

Farro. Again, very versatile, and a good change from rice and pasta

Downfall of some trends: I think its about time for cupcakes and gourmet grilled cheese to go about their merry way. In their place: ice cream and dressed-up grits, respectively.

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