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Pre-sliced (in the deli case) cold cuts

aelph | Mar 10, 200805:38 PM

Replying to another post, I thought I'd make the following it's own topic...

Until I moved to the Midwest I'd never encountered pre-sliced (in the deli case) cold cuts. What the hell? I don't want some supposedly-efficacious, sittin' around who knows how long, sliced to someone else's idea of "thinness," meat. I want it sliced fresh and to my specifications. Which is why local supermarkets don't get my business at the deli counter more often than not; I've had workers actually argue with me because I want my cold cuts sliced fresh.


Is this phenomenon more prevalent than I imagine it to be(cuz...I've never seen it anywhere but southern Illinois and Indiana in general)?

Cold cuts have a very short shelf life...the more surface area that's available the quicker they'll oxidize...not to mention, I like my cold cuts just short of shaved(I don't get people that want a thick cold cut---unless it's genuine turkey breast--- not composite). It's a texture thing.

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