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Help-Can Make-Ahead Potato Casserole be cooked twice? (Thanksgiving Help!)


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Help-Can Make-Ahead Potato Casserole be cooked twice? (Thanksgiving Help!)

wahine88 | Nov 20, 2012 04:08 AM

Does anyone know if a Make-Ahead dish can be baked once, then rewarmed 2 days later and still taste OK?

I stayed up very late practicing making an America's Test Kitchen Mashed Potatoe Casserole recipe for Thanksgiving, but it took so long (mainly to caramelize onions) that I'm wondering now if I can cook it off Tuesday, taste it to make sure it tastes good, and then warm it up on Thanksgiving? I.e. not make a whole other dish, but use this 'practice' dish as the one I bring for Thanksgiving)

It sounds kinda' not great, but wonder if anyone else has experience baking a casserole one day, then re-warming it 1-2 days later and it still tastes OK. (This is my 2nd practice recipe I tried this week; the first one didn't taste that great, so it would be great not to have to cook it all over again for Thanksgiving.)

Thanks for any advice!

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