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Posting after every dinner? After the fabulous ones? [moved from Not about Food board]

Cookiefiend | Mar 17, 200811:53 AM

I'm feeling guilty.

Saturday we had dinner at one of our favorite places in town. It was great, as usual. We sat in our favorite place, the food was stellar, and we had a great time.

Should I post it? Should I just wait till someone asks "Has anyone been to 'Such and Such'?" The Midwest board is fairly quiet regarding Indianapolis and if I were to post every dinner... the mod's would be bombarded with requests to shut me up.

The other side of the issue (for me) is that I don't post about the other places I frequent. If there's a question in another post, I'll respond, but I don't write a new post called 'So we ate at 'Been There for Awhile'. Saturday we were at a 'popular' restaurant, it's in the Indianapolis Monthly and in a trendy area (we do have a few ;-) ), it's on the radar - so to speak. Other places I go, aren't, and they aren't suffering for that - they are the Tried and Trues of Indy, but I don't post about them.

When we travel, I do post about the places we have dinner. I figure other people are traveling there too, and might appreciate an outsiders view.

Any thoughts?

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