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About New Posters Who Don't Fit In

The Chowhound Team | May 21, 2012 08:24 PM

Folks, we understand that there've been a few new posters recently who've jumped into starting new threads with both feet, without necessarily taking the time to acclimatize to the culture here on Chowhound. And we understand that's a little frustrating and annoying for the board regulars. But heaping abuse and insults on any poster is not acceptable.

If you think they are violating the rules of the site -- and while posting a whole bunch of threads in a row is unorthodox, it's not, in and of itself, against the rules -- please use 'report' to bring them to our attention. (Reporting one post and leaving a comment that there are more is enough, you don't need to take the time to report each one.) But please stop making public comments -- that kind of welcome will drive away legitimate posters who are merely enthusiastic, it won't faze shills, and it will gratify trolls. Plus, it bumps the threads you don't like back to the top of the board.

If you disagree with their reviews, it's fine to say so. But please be polite and keep your focus on the restaurant being discussed and not on the posters themselves.

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