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Help with post re wine aficionado take on bringing wine to someone's home

Midlife | Dec 1, 200901:24 PM

I started a topic, on the Not About Food Board, after reading an article in the latest issue of Food & Wine magazine. The writer seemed to be seriously pushing the idea that wines brought to someones home SHOULD be opened by the host for the enjoyment of all. As this is not what I've ever thought was the proper etiquette, or what I believe has been the consensus here on this subject, I wanted to know if people thought the writer was kidding, or if the rules were different for wine aficionados.

Most of the responses I got were a re-hash of the general discussion about opening or not opening a a wine gift. What I was looking for was something more specific to the magazine article itself and the expectations of a wine-centric group.

Please go to this post, if you will, as the Chowhound Team has told me etiquette discussion is for the Not About Food Board. Thanks.


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