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Can't post / log out on iPhone

iL Divo | Feb 22, 201201:37 PM

Hi frustrated with something..........
I'd love to write to you or post this [on my iPhone] Mods or ChowHQ but I can't post/log out and there is no written option to do that log out although there is an option to reply however hitting that only takes me to the page as described below. I can't post as there is no open page that comes up I just keep getting a page that is the same page over and over again.
CHOW [in red]
"there's been a slight problem"
Sorry, something's not working with this page.
The CHOW team has been notified and will check it out.
If there's something else we can provide in the meantime, please
try searching:
|_________________________| search
*Go to CHOW
*Go to Chowhound
*Go back to previous page

nothing works, works on the laptop but not my phone.
I've logged out using laptop, I've used my email address using laptop to log back in and it all works fine of laptop but not on iPhone, can you help?
this has been problematic over the last few [say 3-4] days.

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