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Hello everyone, thank you for helping us plan a wonderful trip to Portland! We tried quite a few places and had a great time. Here are some thoughts on the places that we visited:

1. Eventide: Got here about 15-20 minutes before they opened and ended up being first in line so didn't have to deal with a crazy wait. Tried a bunch of things - oysters (of course), the Eventide Brown Butter Lobster Roll, a raw scallop with some roe dish and a soft shell crab dish (the last two were specials). Everything was great. My personal favorites were the lobster roll and the scallop dish. I guess I'm a more west coast oyster kind of person so even though I liked the oysters here, my favorite oyster bar is still Walrus + Carpenter in Seattle. I felt that the soft shell crab was a good dish but nothing special. A friend declared this to be his favorite seafood restaurant :)

2. Duckfat: Tried the poutine, some fries with one of their dipping sauces and the ginger soda. I guess this was our fault. We got our order to go and even though we ate our food in about 5 min of them packing it, it was already soggy. As a result, none of us really got the craze behind this place. The soda I thought was too sweet.

3. Novare Res Bier Cafe: This was awesome! We all tried a bunch of stuff, some local, some not but all of it was very good. The staff there is very friendly and helpful and we had a great time here. Definite recommend.

4. Vena's Fizz House: This was super fun as well. The drinks weren't up to the level of a superb cocktail bar but we didn't go in expecting that so it was all good. The staff was great and the drinks were good and creative.

5. Central Provisions: Our expectations going in here were probably very high and as a result we ended up a little disappointed. The one dish that I liked a lot was the spicy raw beef salad. Apart from that the suckling pig and the foie gras was good. The biggest disappointment of the evening was the ribeye. They recommended it rare but my friend preferred it medium rare so we ordered that. When we got our steak, it was cold so we informed them. They took it back and I guess grilled it to warm it up but by the time we got it, it was extremely overcooked. This was the last of the 8-9 dishes that we all had in total and we decided not to complain again so we just settled out check and left. I don't think I would go back here.

6. Honey Paw: This was very good! I think I got a special that was a lobster noodle dish. My friends got the mapo dofu and a noodle dish that I cannot remember. They were all pretty good.

7. Fisherman's Grill: We tried a bunch of things but my favorite was the jumbo lobster roll which probably was my favorite lobster roll of the trip. The clam chowdah was good as well. I thought that the fried fish that we got (I forget which fish) was bland and the scallops also weren't very good. But, go here for the lobster roll!

8. Boda: This was very good. I really liked my appetizer that was a special that day. It came with 6 balls of noodles (I forget which kind) with a crab curry that you are supposed to spoon on top of the noodles and then have them. It was great. I had another curry dish for my main course which was also very good.

9. Bite into Maine: Tried the Maine, Connecticut and Wasabi lobster rolls. All very good!

10. Holy Donut: The bacon cheddar was my favorite followed by the sea salt chocolate. The bacon cheddar was very different but when it came to the sweet ones, I personally liked the donuts I've had at Federal Donuts in Philadelphia or Bi Rite or Glazed and Infused in Chicago a little more. It's crazy how quickly they start running out of stuff though. We got there slightly after 8:30 and about 10 min after we got our order, they ran out of the bacon cheddar and one more flavor.

11. Tandem Coffee: Decent espresso but nothing memorable.

12. Two Fat Cats: Tried the whoopie pie and a blueberry, mango pie. Both my friend and I thought that they were just OK.

13. Gorgeous Gelato: Tried a bunch of flavors. Remember the pistachio being everyone's favorite.

14. Standard Baking Co: Tried a bunch of pastries and one savory item. They were all good but nothing blew us away.

15. MJ's wine bar: This was very good. We tried 12 wines between all of us and all were well liked. Their cheese plate was decent as well.

16. Coffee By Design: I liked their espresso better than Tandem's. They have an herb popcorn which was decent.

17. Allagash Tour: This was a fun tour. Going around the brewery, learning about it's history, the beer making process and tasking some of their beers was a fun way to spend an hour or so. The only mistake we made was do this on a Sunday. In that area, Allagash is the only place open on a Sunday. Bissel Brothers (they're either moving or already moved), Foundation Brewing and Austin Street Brewery were all closed.

All in all, we have a nice time in Portland! Thank you once again for all the help :)

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