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Pork fat = good skin?


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Pork fat = good skin?

Eric Eto | Apr 18, 2006 04:18 PM

During my past few trips to Japan, I've noticed that it seems to be common knowledge that eating good amounts of pork fat is good for the skin. I'm not sure if is in fact true or not, but this seems to go against the common knowledge over here in the states. In the presence of some women in Japan at, say, a ramen place serving good fatty chashu, they might say something like, "it's a lot of calories, but at least it's good for my skin..." or some such. I imagine that if it's common knowledge in Japan, it's probably widespread in Asia, though maybe I'm assuming too much. So I guess I'm asking 1) is it true? and 2) is this common knowledge to you too?

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