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Popeyes- crawfish on the menu


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Popeyes- crawfish on the menu

Pius Avocado III | Nov 4, 2010 12:55 PM

Popeyes is currently featuring crawfish- a boxed combo w/ fries and biscuit, a poboy and etouffee were available in downtown Oakland today.

I got the poboy and it's easily the best fast food sandwich I've had, on a soft roll that's squishy but up to the task of containing a generous amount of fried crawfish dressed with a sweet mayo, shredded lettuce and dill pickle chips. The crawfish were breaded moderately enough that the red tails were visible in places. I could've used a couple more pickle chips but with the addition of Louisiana brand hot sauce it was very tasty indeed. Luckily, I even had a bag of Zapps to go with.

Several orders placed after mine came out as I waited, so these don't sit around before you order. I couldn't see the prep but suspect that the crawfish are fried to order.

I'm not sure how long the promotion is running but I know I'll be back for the poboy...can anybody vouch for the etouffee?

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